Living an eco-friendly lifestyle in Lausanne

Swisstainability (Swiss Tourism)

Sustainable development is «development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs».
Mrs Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway (1987)


Distance heating & Electricity / City of Lausanne

Our heat production solutions are particularly rational and ecological, as they are based on energy recovery (incineration of household waste and sewage sludge) and they integrate an increasingly large share of renewable energy (50%).
Services Industriels de Lausanne

Electricity GO Hydro EU - 100% Renewable

ILS / Our laundry partner

Like you, we are committed to promoting and securing jobs in Switzerland, but also to sustainable development and environmental protection, are important issues that are part of our daily lives.

This label guarantees:

  • hygienic treatment of linen in Switzerland
  • Textile care with an emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment
  • short transport routes
  • secure jobs

An environmental dimension :
- We eliminate disposable packaging as much as possible. For example, laundry bags are systematically reused and washed in-house.
- We use a fleet of delivery vehicles (trucks) that meet the strictest environmental standards (Euro VI only), and optimize our routes using specialized software to reduce the distances between each rotation and the customer.
- We keep travel by our staff (administrative, sales, customer) to a strict minimum, allowing for more e-mail/telephone relations.
- Our wash tunnels automatically recycle rinse water into pre-wash water, and we remove waste water.
- We offset 100% of our Co2 emissions by purchasing 100% Co2-neutral natural gas (Energiapro SA).
_ We recycle all used textiles into cleaning materials (second life) or donate them to charity.
- Our laundry partner BurnusHychem is also committed to a sustainable approach (washing exclusively at low temperature 40'C; phosphate-free products).


Diversey / Our cleaning products partner

The consequences of the climate crisis and resource scarcity are being felt across the globe, creating new and complex challenges for business and society.
In this dynamic world, companies must ensure that they operate in a way that continually minimizes their impact on the environment and brings value to society.
Sustainability is therefore at the heart of everything we do. It is inherent in our business model: we innovate sustainable solutions for customers that protect and care for people and the planet, resulting in a virtuous cycle of benefits for Diversey and all our stakeholders.
We are launching our new sustainability strategy, Protect. Care. Sustain. to guide our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities and actions. This strategy is based on both 2030 objectives and short-term targets that will further reduce our environmental footprint, combat social inequalities and offer solutions to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Use of Ecolabel certified products (R1,R2,R3 Plus Pur Eco)


We are responsible

ADA Cosmetics reports to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), which awarded us a C in 2022. CDP's detailed rating report enables us to track our progress in decarbonization and work towards improving our future performance. Our next CDP report will be produced in 2024, covering the year 2023.

Paying homage to the latest findings in ecological research and the environmental awareness of today's consumers, Eco-Boutique is a fusion of science and nature at its best - awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Eco-Boutique is for all those who aspire to a body care collection that is both sustainable and relaxing, offering a refreshing skincare experience while respecting the environment.

Home products - "GREEN" Accessories range
Our Green Accessories are reduced to the strict minimum. The use of recycled paper, 100% biodegradable cardboard and soy ink soy-based inks to package these accessories is sure to appeal to eco-conscious travelers.

Only on request: nail file, dental set, shoe polishing sponge, shaving set, sewing kit, comb, care set & shower cap.

Mirabeau Environmental charter

We are participating in the Swisstainable sustainability program of Swiss Tourism and meet the criteria for Level II "engaged". Validity till 27.08.2024

The Best Western Plus Mirabeau Hotel is committed to the environment and has already taken the following measures

All our rooms, offices and a large part of the public areas, are equipped with energy saving light bulbs (LED). Our energy consumption has fallen by 15%.
Please close the windows when the heating or air conditioning is on, and turn off the TV and lights when leaving your room.
Remote heating with the City of Lausanne (50% renewable energy).
100% Renewable Energy (GO Hydro EU).

Air conditioning:
The rooms are equipped with air conditioning. In order to guarantee a good functioning, it is necessary to close the windows when the air conditioning is on. The system is only activated during the summer months when the outside temperature is above 24c°.

Cleaning products for the rooms:
Switch to a range of ECOLABEL products with our partner.

Our taps are equipped with water saving devices. Do not let the water run unnecessarily.
In order not to disturb the good functioning of the water treatment plant, please do not throw toxic products in the sinks and toilets.
To limit the impact of laundry on the environment please refer to the note next to the terry cloths.

We selectively sort our waste (paper, glass, metal, pet, washing, toner, batteries, ....). They are then recycled. Introduction of a waste sorting system in rooms (TEST phase in 7 rooms).

During your stay, you can use the services of the Lausanne Public Transport (Mobilis) for free. Transport cards are given to you at check-in.

We collaborate with local suppliers and favor regional products. We are part of the VAUD Œnotouristique program.

Support to the association "Printemps d'abeilles" (Sponsorship of a beehive in Ecublens)

Mirabeau Social Responsibility

- Overtime is paid or compensated
- Salaries do not differ according to gender or socio-cultural profile, and comply with collective bargaining agreements
- Action to reconcile employees' working hours/holidays with those of partners and minor children
- Action to reconcile working hours/holidays with personal life
- Training in sustainable best practices (ongoing)
- Nutrition training planned (ongoing)
- Career development opportunities for employees
- Recruitment policy encourages diversity, equity and social inclusion
- Respect for contractual relationships with partners


We have joined the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program to assess our sustainability level, implement an improvement strategy, and warrantee our good practices and commitments for the health of people and the planet.

We recommend 30 minutes of non-intensive physical activity every day (walking, for example). At the same time, we prefer water to sweetened beverages, as well as cruciferous and unprocessed foods.

Le Mirabeau promotes soft mobility and the use of public transport, notably by giving its hotel guests a free travel pass.