Safety and well-being


Advanced and Innovative Services for Tangible Progress in Disinfection

A Swiss innovation authorized by Swissmedic for its Biocide, Virucide and Fungicide action (Bacteria, Viruses and Molds) makes it also possible to provide preventive and / or curative to the multiple disturbances related to odors and other bedbugs larvae. Through its different services and their very high technology level, Synapse Swiss ensures a perfect hygiene quality and a healthy environment. The rooms are all disinfected with this system after each departure.

Mattress disinfection with the POTEMA system

«Recognized and validated by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and the Swiss Hotel Industry, the patented POTEMA system is used by more than 6,500 technicians in 26 countries worldwide. It disinfects and eradicates dust mites and bacteria in mattresses.»

This high-tech tool provides in-depth disinfection without chemicals, destroys dust mites and eliminates bacteria, fungi and other spores from the inside of the mattress. The assured disinfection, completely free of chemicals, is approved by the medical sector, whose requirements are very high.

During the complete disinfection process, the machine treats the mattresses with UV light, which kills dust mites, bacteria, viruses and spores. UV radiation is effective in removing all single-cell organisms such as bacteria, mould and spores, but is completely harmless to humans. In addition to the UV treatment, the Potema machine has a high-frequency vibration system. The particles are thus removed from the mattress by brushing and then vacuuming. In addition to disinfection, at the end of the process, we distribute a spray of natural essential oils on each mattress. Dust mites on the mattress tray are directly removed, even before they infiltrate the fibres.

Food Safety analyses

Located between Lausanne and Geneva, ABIOLAB SWITZERLAND specializes in food safety consulting. Partner of numerous references, Abiolab intervenes in the following fields of activities:

  • Traditional and commercial catering
  • Food industries and importers
  • Catering professions (butchers, delicatessens, caterers, pastry chefs)
  • Health (hospitals, clinics, EMS)
  • Wellness (thermal centres, swimming pools, Fitness)

At the Mirabeau:

Bacteriological analyses, listeria research, surface samples, legionella analysis in the shower water system, 3 visits per year.